Umhlanga Coastline

KwaZulu-Natal has an excellent array of activities and unforgettable moments for the enthusiast.

The Umhlanga Coastline offers warm beaches, great weather and friendly people. It’s exotic destinations are second to none. There are many tours available for you and they can be arranged or tailored for your needs.

Experience the life of a vibrant township and shebeen experience is a must with local food and rhythms. Try Nightlife-Jazz clubs, bars or an adventure activity like sky diving, micro lighting, whale watching, scuba diving/snorkeling & bungee jumping down famous gorges in SA. Have some fun at the casinos such as the Sugar MillĀ in addition to Sun Coast or Monte Vista.

KZN has an array of shops to choose from. There are exclusive malls such as La Lucia Mall and the Gateway Mall in Durban. Make sure to visit the small local markets with exotic foods while discovering hidden gems. KZN also has many locations where you can spend time viewing rare and exotic species of bird life.

There are great locations of the KZN coastline for game fishing or cruising. These are conducted with experienced boat captains on fully equipped and professionally run boats.

The wide variety marine life, some indigenous to KZN (shark, turtle, ray, corals, etc.) will leave you with lasting memories. Aliwal Shoal on the Natal South Coast and Sodwana in Maputaland offer the scuba diver fun-filled experiences. There`s also micro lighting, abseiling, white river rafting, whale and dolphin viewing, golfing and a host of wild coast resorts to explore.

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