Transkei South Africa

The Transkei (the Wild Coast), 250 kilometres of rugged, unspoilt coastline North of East London all the way to the Kei River. Along this coastline are sweeping blue bays with no footprints, amazing lagoons with rocky headlands and inland is rural Transkei, a simple life with huts, cows and dirt roads through the Xhosa heartland. The landscape of rolling hills dotted with thatch rondavels makes modern life slow down to a relaxing halt!

If you are looking for a holiday away from the city and suburban life, the Transkei offers a chilled way to spend two or three weeks doing pretty much nothing! With magnificent hiking trails, like the easy Strandloper Trail from Kei mouth to Gonubie. There is also the guided hike from Port St. Johns to Coffee Bay, a five-day hike with four overnight stopovers, some in village huts, where you can enjoy the Xhosa culture and food. This hike passes through eight rural Xhosa villages giving insights into the daily life, rituals and customs of the people.
Highlights are:
First day: The wildlife at Silaka Nature Reserve and panoramic views of Sicambeni.
Second day: The view from Brazen Head and the approach to Tsweleni in its coastal village setting.
Third day: The Mpande rock pools, Shark’s Point, Mnenu River and game in Hluleka Nature Reserve.
Fourth day: The river trip and the walk into Tshani village.
Fifth day: The Mdumbi and Mthatha Rivers and the approach over Maphuzi Cliffs into Coffee Bay.

This all made possible with Wild Tours and their registered tour guides and their wide knowledge of the area, make this holiday a photographic delight. Creating lifetime memories that will make you come back to visit over and over again.

The residents of the villages along the Wild Coast are dependent on subsistence farming for their livelihood. Tourism brings more opportunities for them to benefit by stocking local shops for visitors; employment of ferry operators; provision of meals; selling of crafts; traditional and cultural interactions with tourists.

If you plan to drive the Wild Coast here are 2 great reads – “Setting off to the Transkei” and the follow-up “From the Transkei to Kwazulu Natal”.

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Transkei hole in the wall