Table Mountain Cable Car re-open

The Annual Table Mountain Cableway maintenance which took place between 27 July and the 9 August 2015 has been completed!
The Cableway commenced operations on Monday 10 August 2015, with the past few weeks being very busy and expert engineers from Switzerland on site with technical crew sorting out the important rope change, switches, bearing, main gearbox, generators and general electronic components changes. It all looks set to go!

The views from top of Table mountain which is one of the 7 wonders of the world is truly spectacular. So plan a trip up the mountain in the cable car or even a hike up and a simple one-way ride down, for an amazing day in this city we call Cape Town.
Remember to always check out the site to see what the weather is doing as this affects the operation of the cableway.

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Table Mountain Cableway
Table Mountain Cableway maintenance