South Africa value for your money

What can a few rand buy you South Africa.
Here in South Africa, tourists spending the British Pound or American Dollar can have an amazing holiday on our shores due to the exchange rate. Especially when you can get R16.00 to $1.00 or R22.00 to £1.00 (Feb 2016).
So let’s have a look at some items you could consume on a holiday in Cape Town:
On Arrival at airport: Pre paid C-Cell mobile sim card – From R300 upwards ($19.00 or £14.00).
Uber X from airport to Cape Town Waterfront – – R180+ to R250+ ($10.00 or £7.00) one way.
Tripadvisor Hotel room – R2500+ to R10000+ ($157.00 or £114.00) per night.
Airbnb Apartment – From R500.00+ to R2000.00+ ($31.00 or £22.00) per night.
Car hire from CABS Car Hire – FromR320+ to R790+ + ($20.00 or £14.50) per day.

Dinner: Restaurant at Waterfront
Starter – From R75+ ($5.00 or £3.40).
Salad – From R90+ ($5.60 or £4.00).
Meat 350g Beef fillet – From R274+ ($17.00 or £12.50).
Chicken – From R130+ ($8.00 or £6.00).
Line fish – From R160+ ($10.00 or £7.30).
Sweets – From R65+ ($4.00 or £2.70).

Bottle of Red wine bought in a restaurant – From R150+ ($9.37 or £6.81).
Bottle of local beer bought in a restaurant – From R30+ ($1.80 or £1.36).
Whisky bought in a restaurant – From R40+ ($2.50 or £1.81).
Bottle of water in a restaurant- From R30+ ($1.80 or £1.36).

City sight-seeing (Red Bus) hop on hop off- From R180+ ($11.30 or £8.18).
Chauffeur drive CABS Car hire – From R800+ ($50.00 or £36.36).
Table Mountain cable car trip – From R240 return for 1 adult ($15.00 or £10.90).
Wine farm day tour – From R800+ return for 1 adult ($50.00 or £36.36)
Shark cage diving – From R1500 1 adult ($93.00 or £68.00).

A basket of food from a SuperMarket (breakfast R100, lunch R100, dinner R200) – R400 per day For 2 adult ($25.00 or £18.00)
Petrol per litre – From R11.94+ ($0.75 or £0.54)

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Holiday in South Africa on the Rand
CABS Car Hire prices quoted are as of February 2016 and can and will change at a moment’s notice.