South Africa Sasol Solar challenge

It all started on the 27th September in Pretoria and finished 8 days later in Cape Town approximately 2000km, but the teams could expand their distance with additional routes. The top teams were expected to reach a total of 6000kms, Covering 700km a day on average. All of this happened on public roads in South Africa with normal daily traffic and road rules applied.

This Sasol Solar Challenge is held in South Africa every 2 years with an impressive display of leading technology, sophistication and performance of solar powered vehicles. The teams being made up of scholars, students, private individuals and various industry and government partners. With 7 SA teams, 1 Netherlands, 1 Northern Cyprus, and 1 Turkey team.

The cars all were powered by solar panels on their surfaces, driven by drivers weighing in at 75kg including cloths and helmet or ballast were used so that all the cars were of a similar weight to start. There was scrutineering of all the cars.

In the end the Final winners were the Nuon Solar Team from Netherlands that managed to travel a distance of 4227.8km in total. Second was the Anadolu Solar team from Turkey with 2733.1km and third was team Kwazulu-Natal from South Africa with a distance of 2418.3km. The results showing that one day we might have solar cars on our roads in one shape or another. Next Solar challenge takes place in Australia 18-25 Oct 2015.

For all the info on the Sasol Solar challenge click here. Or checkout their facebook page.