Social Responsibility – CABS Cares

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving. ” – Dale Carnegie

Cabs recognizes social responsibility and embraces the need to lend a helping hand to our community.

The South African youth are the future of this incredible country. CABS cares by contributing to the generation of the future.

Sakhumzi Centre for Abandoned Children is a safety haven for abandoned children. The humble beginnings of this sanctuary originated 35 years ago when Amelia Poswa (also known as “Mamma Amelia” took on her first homeless child).

Over the years many hundreds of children have been provided with more than just the basics of food, shelter, clothing and education. They have been blessed with the love, guidance and attention that’s so essential to growing children if they’re to lead normal, healthy lives and become productive members of our society.

When booking a vehicle through CABS Car Hire, proceeds from your bookings go to this charity, to which thousands of Rands have been happily donated over the years. CABS Car Hire and their Staff further assists by the service & repair of the Homes vehicles, utilities and computers. Old clothes are continuously collected throughout the year and handed over for use by the children.