Red bull X-fighters rip up Union Buildings

The best FMX riders in the world congregate at the union Buildings in Pretoria – LEGALLY – to rip up and fly in the air to perform stunts, that will amaze every spectator big and small. With names like Cliffhanger, Lazy Boy, Paris Hilton flip, Superman, Hart attack and of course the infamous Backflip one after the other, the riders come out and perform these Freestyle Motocross tricks to pure perfection.

If you have never seen this live, you have too! When you are there you realise how high these guys fly and how scary these courses are, with their multiple jumps of varying lengths and angles that explode the rider and bike 15-30 meters into the air. This is a true circus of mad men.

Over 100,000 people having been witness to the worlds FMX action men in the final round of the Red Bull X-Fighters world Tour. 12 of the best riders will entertain, as well as compete at the famous Union Building located in Pretoria. Including Nick DeWit from South Africa on the 23rd August starting at 13:30. Go and enjoy!