Im sure you have doodled! Haven’t you? Maybe not in Cape Town, but im sure it’s a part of all of us. Those little scribbly lines that make up a picture that we only love. An unfocused unconscious drawing usually done on a piece of paper, back of a book or on a restaurant table… That’s a doodle. The simplest of drawings that is the start of any great artist. They are usually made up of simple lines that go from a circle to a square to a scribble of abstract shapes.

So these simple drawings we make for ourselves and thought would go nowhere and nobody would ever see them, have grown up into a worldwide phenomenon and have arrived here in the 2014 World Design Capital Cape Town. Where the best voted 27 artist doodles will be displayed to see who will become the ultimate doodler. It’s all happening in the Companys Garden Cape Town is the Red Bull Doodle art Global Gallery from the 24-26 October.

The visitors will be able to view the doodles that have been chosen by a vote as the best to be displayed from various artist that represent their countries. There were 32551 entries from 34 countries submitted, with the final 27 on display at an inaugural pop-up gallery. The main prize is a cooperation deal with the Red Bull Consumer Products Team to design a graphic for a T-shirt that will be sold in the online shop and Red Bull World in 2015. Wow and all for a simple drawing on a piece of paper.

This free event has to be on your calendar as an interactive experience as each country’s doodle is displayed with a touchscreen to get more info about each artist and their doodle. This is a first for Cape Town and will include our own South African doodler Kingsley Palime. 3 judges, texas based – Sunni Brown, Cape Town street artist – Faith and Zimbabwean designer Sindiso Nyoni will decide on the best doodler on Saturday 25 October 2014. Look out for the Red Bull tuk tuk for a free ride to the event. If you can’t make it to the event check out Red bull doodle art.

The event is at the Company’s Garden, Cape Town city centre, between Friday, 24 and Sunday, 26 October 2014 (Winner announced on Saturday 25th October) with the gallery being open daily from 10am-6pm for free