Need to know for car rental “Credit cards”

Be informed – Part two – Credit cards by CABS car hire. What you need to know when renting a car.

Credit cards
• Credit card details are received via a secure link before rental. We need this to load the reservation on our system.
• We cannot deliver a vehicle if we do not have credit card details and more importantly, an authorisation hold.
• We take an authorisation, which is a hold on the card, 1 to 5 days before the rental. This will hold for the full duration of rental.
• The authorisation is determined by the daily rate and excess and is never less than R5000.00 per vehicle.
• On delivery of the vehicle the client needs to provide the credit card and we take an imprint on the contract. This is to show that the client has given permission to use this card for car rental payment.
• If a different card is provided on delivery to the one sent when making the reservation, we then need to take a new authorisation on the spot and the first one will be cancelled.
• All credit card transactions are done in office, the drivers do not do this when delivering the actual vehicle.
• Once the vehicle is returned we close the contract and do an authorisation override, this then becomes an actual transaction where we deduct the invoice total.

Please take note of all the points above as this is to keep you informed as to how we run at CABS car hire.
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