Be informed “Traffic fines and ancillary charges”

CABS is keeping renting a car simple. We want our clients to “BE INFORMED” with this series of articles about what you need to know when renting a car. Part four – Traffic fines and ancillary charges.

Traffic fines
• Unfortunately we only receive traffic fines anytime between 1 month and 3 years or more after the rental. The average time period is 1 to 3 months after the rental but this is not guaranteed due to the vast amount of traffic fines the municipalities and City of Cape Town deal with on a daily basis.
• On delivery of a vehicle there is a stamp which is signed by the client giving us permission to deduct this fine amount together with an admin fee. This is to forewarn the driver and to request that all drivers abide by the South African road laws.
• Once we receive a traffic fine we need to charge this to the credit card provided on delivery of the vehicle.
• All fines have a period that they are valid before becoming a summons and then a Warrant. Once a fine becomes a warrant there is an additional fee of R300.00. This is the reason that we need to act swiftly.
• Unfortunately we are unable to contact each client to inform them of each traffic fine which is the reason that we forewarn.

Additional / Ancillary Charges
• We pride ourselves in not having any hidden costs or fine print.
• We have standard fees eg contract fee or after hour’s fees if applicable.
• We only add items eg. GPS, Additional Insurance, if this is requested by a client. Which is why a client needs to request these items if they would like to add it to the booking.

Please take note of all the points above as this is to keep you informed as to how we run at CABS car hire.
CABS knows Customers Appreciate Better Service.