Be informed “Tips on collecting rental vehicles”

CABS is keeping renting a car simple. We want our clients to “BE INFORMED” with this series of articles about what you need to know when renting a car. Part three – Tips on collecting your rental vehicle.

Tips on collecting a rental vehicle
• When entering the arrivals hall at the Airport, look out for a name board from the moment you enter the arrivals hall. It sometimes gets crowded and a representative will always try to move to a location where a client could see them.
• If you have already gone through the arrivals hall and still not seen your representative, do not walk around the airport, move to the side, give us a call and we will inform you if you have walked past our representative or if, due to unforeseen circumstance or flight landing earlier, we are running a minute or two late. We will then inform you of a meeting spot which is usually close to the ATM or at the information desk. Please do not move from this location.
• When collecting a vehicle it is always best to have your credit card and driver’s license on hand as this needs to be provided when completing the contract.
• We will take an imprint of your credit card on the contract and if a copy of passport and driver’s license was not sent via email, a copy needs to be provided and attached to the contract on delivery.
• Please make sure that the credit card provided during booking stage is the same as the one on delivery. If not, this will cause a delay as the office will need to be contacted and a new authorization processed for card physically provided and imprinted.
• Take the time to check the full vehicle on the outside and make sure all scratches, dents or windscreen chips are recorded on the check sheet. Most of the time these are very small but if any new damage is picked up on return that was not noted on delivery, the client will be liable.
• Make sure there is a spare tyre and accessories.
• Look at the contract before signing, make sure the rate is correct.
• If you have the time, go through the Terms and Conditions at the back. If not, try to read through this at home before the rental. It is readily available on our website and on the signature of each email sent by all staff.
• If you were unable to provide a local contact number at the time of booking, please do so on delivery.
• If you drive away and there is anything wrong with the vehicle in the slightest way which was not picked up by a representative, please contact us immediately. This applies during the rental too. Reporting any issues at the end of the rental could result in you paying for additional damage.
• We try to make the hand over as painless as possible and our friendly staff are always ready and willing to help with your luggage to and into the vehicle. If you need anything extra please inform our representative and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Please take note of all the points above as this is to keep you informed as to how we run at CABS car hire. CABS knows Customers Appreciate Better Service.