Future trend – Take the headache out of International air travel

We all stress when we have to do some international air travel! Different language, signage, public transport to get around or which connecting gate should we be at? A concept called “Info Connectivity System”, a one-stop shop that provide passengers with all the right travel information in the right context and language. – Seamless air travel video

A design company Edenspiekermann design has been developing a concept for an app for smartphones that holds your hand throughout an entire trip. From flight updates to directions to your next gate during a layover to public transportation and hotel information once you arrive. A real helper that lets the stress of travel become that much more pleasant, eliminating the fear of being lost in a foreign airport. Is this the one app that will rule travel?

For real technical info about this future development, read the Synopsis background and objectives. The European commission – Enhancing interconnectivity through infoconnectivity.

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