CABS Car Hire is proud to employ staff that take responsibility when help is needed. In this case a fire at a house.


House Fire
House fire – CABS staff Member to help

A quick description on what happened from my (Jean Fourie – CABS staff Member) point of view:
On the afternoon of the 06th of August 2015 I came from the Airport and saw smoke from a distance, I immediately knew that was not normal and could see it is close to our offices. I decide to investigate and upon investigation I saw the house was on fire, it was very small at first and started in the main bedroom at the back. There were few people standing there but they were so shocked of what was happening, that’s when I decided to take my own initiative and phoned the fire brigade because no one have done so.

I asked if all the people who live in the house were out and safe, which was the case. We then had to carry out two of the vehicles because of the keys not being around but we did manage to save the vehicles. I decided to go inside and see what we could save and used the hose pipe to stop the fire, but it was impossible. The roof collapsed and then I knew it was over and felt sorry for the owner.
The fire brigade showed up after 45 minutes and were taking their time as if they knew they cannot safe this owner’s home but jeez they must at least try. It took 4 Fire trucks to stop the blaze as it got so hot the windows exploded it felt like as if I was in a movie and being a fireman it was awesome.

The reason why I stopped to help these people is because I had the same experience a few years ago and know what kind of emotions a person can have when this happens. I just felt it was my time to give back to the community and it also did some good to CABS Car Hire as I had the full uniform on and people did remember my name and the company’s.

A day later we got a rental from one of the people living in the same street as us and said they saw me there helping and therefore would use us if they need a vehicle and so they did. Just shows you don’t always expect to get and get but rather give to people.

Kind Regards Jean Fourie

Jean-Fourie – CABS staff Member