E-Toll in Gauteng – how does it affect you?

Since 3 December 2013, Gauteng has had e-tolling. SANRAL (South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited) manages this road network, of which they have two main revenue streams. First – The national fiscus which is used for the management of 81% of national roads in South Africa, which are non-tolled roads. Second – The collection of toll fees for the management of 19% of national roads.

The e-tag system for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) runs from Pretoria to Johannesburg and the surrounding areas and is the process whereby a vehicle is identified electronically by means of an e-tag, the vehicle licence plate number or other electronic means in order to affect the payment of toll. No cash toll transactions take place along a road or highway. Also known as e-toll, these toll transactions are done electronically. So you can have a simple Journey with no stops to pay fees.

CABS car hire legally comply with SANRAL requirements and have e-tags fitted to the majority of their rented vehicles in the Gauteng region. The client is billed according to the Government Gazetted Tariff. An invoice is received from SANRAL at the end of each month for the individual vehicles and we are only then able to charge the client responsible.