Craft Beer South Africa

Craft Beer in South Africa is exploding with more and more micro-breweries popping up and producing an array of amazing real beer, which is allowing us as beer drinking enthusiasts to try something different from the norm. Craft beer is more than just awesomely delicious beer it’s a revolution of small traditional independent passionate teams of brewers that are making some of South Africa’s freshest beer.

Beer quality is measured by a complex set of sensory characteristics that include appearance, aroma, taste and texture. These indicators of beer quality build a sensory profile specific to a brand, and is what craft beer drinkers come to enjoy and expect from a brewery. Beer is a delicate, perishable product, and in most cases it is at its best before it leaves the brewery. Meaning the minute it leaves the brewery, chances increase that its quality will decrease. So the best place to enjoy a craft beers is at the Brewery.

Craft beer is evaluated with all the senses:
The appearance: – the colour, clarity, carbonation and foam.
The Aroma: – aromatics that have been defined by the different style or ingredients.
Flavour: – the combination of the above components work together to form the overall flavour impression that you will taste and smell.
Usual styles: – Lager, Ales, Stout and Strong beer

When fresh and properly served, quality craft beer tastes the way the brewer intended and expected: clean and flavourful with the right characteristic fingerprint for the style.

So far we have 47 Craft Beer aficionados:
Woodstock Brewery, Riot Factory, The Sedgefield Craft Brewery, The Ale House, Aces Brew Worx, Sir Thomas Brewing Co, Smack Republic Brewing Co, The Standeaven Brewery, Long Beach Brewery, Cape Brewing Company, Windermere Cider, Everson’s Cider, Brewers & Union, Copper Lake Breweries, The Cockpit Brewhouse, Saggy Stone Brewing Company, Citizen Beer, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company, Darling Brew, Jack Black Beer, Three Skulls Brew Works, Black Horse Brewery And Restaurant, Mogallywood Breweries, Gallows Hill Brewing, Triggerfish Brewing, SAB Newlands Brewery, Brauhaus am Damm, Shongweni Brewery, Chameleon Brewhouse, Porcupine Quill Brewing, Zululand Brewery, De Garve Brewery, Camelthorn Brewing, Sneeuberg Brewery, Clarens Brewery, Drayman’s Brewery, Gilroy’s Brewery, The Nottingham Road Brewing Company, Luyt Lager, Hops Hollow, Anvil Ale, Karoo Brewery, Mitchell’s Brewery, Boston Breweries, Bierwerk and Birkenhead Brewery.

There’s no excuse to only drink wine when you come to South Africa as you can see that we have our own beers empire that is growing by the day, and very worth wild tasting.

CABS Car Hire recommends that you take a taxi when deciding to enjoy the great Craft Beer of South Africa.