Chauffeur Drive – time is of the essence

We seem to have no time to stop, think and plan these days. Or do we?
Chauffeur Drive: Not really something new, but if you haven’t tried it, you missing out.

A quick history: The term “chauffeur” comes from the French term for stoker, because the earliest automobiles, like their railroad and sea vessel counterparts, were steam-powered and required the driver to stoke the engine. Early petrol powered motor cars, before the advent of electric ignition, were ignited by ‘hot tubes’ in the cylinder head which had to be pre-heated before the engine would start. Hence the term chauffeur which, in this context, means something like “heater-upper”. The chauffeur would prime the hot tubes at the start of a journey, after which the natural compression cycle of the engine would keep them at the correct temperature. The chauffeur also maintained the car, including routine maintenance and cleaning, and had to be a skilled mechanic to deal with breakdowns and tyre punctures en route.

Today, people sometimes employ a Chauffeur to drive themselves in their private vehicles or you could use our CABS Chauffeur Drive. Also a professional service offered in a range of cars driven by your own CABS chauffeur. This is very similar to but more organised than taking a taxicab. A variety of benefits are cited for using chauffeurs, including convenience, productivity, time savings, and driving safety for the corporate business people, events leisure groups or just simple holiday makers that could make use of the Chauffeur Drive service for their entire holiday period. Imagine being driven through South Africa on an itinerary that’s being drawn up just for your preferred sightseeing tour.

Arrive relaxed, refreshed and on time. By choosing a vehicle and a service tailored to your individual itinerary – business or leisure.

If it’s for business, the client can now put the time spent commuting between appointments to productive use. Taking time to focus on personal agendas before that meeting, making mobile calls, getting on top of that presentation or even catching up on e-mails with our “in car mobile data“. Enjoy quiet convenience afforded you by CABS chauffeur drive.

For leisure clients, relax and enjoy the view for a change as you are driven in style and comfort without the hassle of having to Google map your way around, get frustrated with traffic congestion or find a parking.

CABS trained chauffeurs will meet you, and transport you around in professional style. Wait for your while you conduct business making your journey seamless and an enjoyable experience. We will even draw up an itinerary to take you around and show you all places you normally never get to.

Have a look at our Chauffeur Drive service and let CABS show you around South Africa.