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One Way Car Hire Fee

Should you hire a car in Cape Town and drop off the vehicle in Johannesburg, you will be required to pay a One way car hire drop-off fee, as the vehicle will need to be returned to its original depot.

The charges for the drop-off fee’s vary depending on your pickup and drop off city, please refer to our chart below for pricing.

If you are traveling between cities you might find our Map of South Africa useful, as well as our distance calculator.

When driving long distances for long periods of time, please be sure to stop and take a 15 minute break after every hour of driving, where you can stretch your legs and refresh yourself. It is also a good idea to take turns driving if there are others in the car.

Driving in the day is easier than driving at night, so rather get started extra early than drive through the night, and remember to always put your safety first.

From Cape Town From Port Elizabeth
To Port Elizabeth R 1800 To Cape Town R 1800
To Durban R 2200 To Durban R 1250
To Johannesburg R 2500 To Johannesburg R 2200
From Johannesburg  From Durban
To Cape Town R 2500  To Cape Town  R 2200
To Durban R 1800  To Port Elizabeth  R 1250
To Port Elizabeth R 2200  To Johannesburg  R 1800