Cape Town Spectacles

Spectacles or sunglasses? Located on the green grass overlooking the Sea Point promenade. They peer out towards Robben Island and are quite a tourist attraction, as you can stand in one of the lenses and have a photo taken, pretty cool I think! Perfect for those postcards, Facebook or Instagram shot to show your friends.

They were created by Michael Elion with the help of the city of Cape Town as part of the Design Capital 2014 initiative, as a tribute to Nelson Mandela – the sculpture has been called “Perceiving Freedom”. With some outrage by various people of them being Ray-Bans and a company ploy for advertising, I think they just a great 60m2 pair of glasses that everyone can have some photographic fun with. Have a look at the photo and go have a look!

So walk, run, cycle the Sea Point promenade – see ocean views, happy doggies everywhere, an outdoor fitness area, casual games of soccer with kids having fun, ice cream stands, bike rentals, strange shaped trees from the wind, the public pool, small beaches for picnics and of course the sun glasses. It’s all here to see!

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Spectacles - Sea point