Calling all vegetarians

You arrive in South Africa, and you need to eat so where do you go as a vegetarian?

The challenge is on to find vegetarian food places to eat at, as it can be a difficult task. As a veggie you still want to eat good food with loads of flavor and freshness, not just Fruit, raw veggies and rice. In the city we have local restaurants that serve up great vegetarian options and not only Pizzerias, Chinese or Indian.

You can try Moyo at Zoo Lake, Johannesburg for great ambience with some vegetarian options – Lentil Bobotie with honey-glazed veggies on the side.

Siesta Tapas Bistro in Hartbeespoort serves up a two types of mushrooms sautéed in Olive oil with chilli topped with goat’s cheese. Yum

Doppio Zero in Rosebank has a veg spread platter with grilled butternut, brinjals, creamed spinach, roast potatoes, grill halloumi and a lemon coriander hummus.

Pancake-mania in Graskop, Mpumalanga serve great sweet and fruit pancakes.

In Durban you can get a vegetarian curry in a bunny chow or head to Fat Baz for a vegetarian Staker – Mashed potatoes with layers of creamed spinach, brinjals, roasted red peppers, mushrooms sprinkled with roasted almonds and grill halloumi cheese.

The mother city, Cape Town has her own special places for decent vegetarian dishes like Beluga that serves up vegetarian sushi and dimsum, Deep fried corn, spring, onion and feta wontons, roasted butternut, feta and onion pot stickers or the amazing spinache har gau.

Try La Mouette for a fancy dress up dinner for exquisite French cuisine with a Mediterranean flair. Their six-course tasting menu with wine pairing is great but keep space for the cheese and truffle croquettes.

The Royale Eatery a burger place of note that has a whole section for vegetarian customers with unique burger creations, but defiantly try the Veggienostra… wow!

For a pizza, you have to try – Big Route Cocktail Pizza Bar. It offers five slim pizza that are fresh, very light and crispy. Veg pizza like Abbracciami and Piccolo Giardino make it a place to be visited more than once.

Lunch the Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean way makes Sababa loads of fun. Just point at the meal and it is served to your table with the most outstanding hummus and dreamy roasted aubergine with tahini sauce

Of course for tasty food there is always curry! Time to try the Bombay Brasserie with an extensive vegetarian selection and service.

And lastly if you walking around Cape Town city center get down to the Eastern Food Bazaar. It runs from Longmarket str through to Darling str with one long counter with numerous food counters that serve up a variety of food (including Vegetarian food). Just the buzz will get you never mind the huge portions at reasonable prices.

So here in South Africa we you can find vegetarian food with loads of taste, you just need to ask around for the places to go to. Enjoy the meal as the company will always be good.