AFRIKABURN 2016 – Tankwa Karoo

They say nothing burns like AFRIKABURN… Have you been? Did you get your ticket for a trip to the Tankwa Karoo, South Africa from the 25th April through to the 1st May 2016. The Afrikaburn festival attracts visitors from many countries around the world, which means you are bound to bump into someone who speaks another language.

Afrikaburn started in 2007 about 300 km from Cape Town on an isolated farm Stonehenge in the Northern Cape. Every year they have a new creative theme to go along with the week of celebration, so far they have been Tribe, Power, Time, Dream, Stof: the primal mud, Mirage, Archetypes, The trickster, The gift, X which represent the 10th year of the festival that has evolved from the 1st one in 2007 having 1000 participates to this year 2016 a decade past expecting 11700 fun goers to arrive in all their glorious costumes and strange accessories that make this week the weirdest but most amazing of your life that it will keep you coming back every year.

Everyone joins in, so you never feel out and if you thought you were strange…. Well! There will be others that are more strange and bizarre. It’s a sense of community with a group of people that feel unity for this soul searching event of free dancing, partying healing camps and workshops in the rocky desert environment. The participants also show respect for the area by practising MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) and LNT (Leave No Trace) by being conscious of the litter impact they can leave behind.

If you are one of the lucky ones that are going here are a few links for you:
:: TANKWA TOWN MAP 2016, explains the site, camping areas, buses and tent rendezvous, parking area, Loud zones, MTB track and the sensitive Biosphere zones.
:: AFRIKABURNS Facebook page, for all the uploaded photos, video articles and comments.
:: THEME CAMPS, the back bone of Afrikaburn.
:: SURVIVAL GUIDE, to the event for you to read.
:: FIRST TIME CITIZENS of Tankwa town, Don’t bury your head in the sand? Rather enjoy yourself by being informed.
:: GETTING THERE from all the main cities in South Africa.
:: FAQ the frequently asked questions that after 10 years should be the right answers.
:: PICTURES AND VIDEOS of all the fun.

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