21 Gun Salute in Cape Town

Cape Town is expecting 42 loud bangs through the city centre on Wednesday 20 August… Seems the Webb Ellis Cup is arriving in Town! Made from gilded silver in 1906, the Webb Ellis Cup has travelled the world since its reinvention as the most sought-after possession in Rugby. It has been seen by millions and has been lifted by some of the World’s best Rugby players ever to grace the international stage.

This is all part of the International Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour. The Cup Arrive on-board The British Navy ship HMS Iron Duke around 07:30 and will receive a 21 gun salute from the South African Navy in grand style from the Signal Hill Noon Gun. Only reserved for special occasions of which the arrival of the HSM Iron Duke is just that. She will fire first her 21 gun salute and this is followed by the Signal Hill battery response with theirs. 42 loud bangs, that is sure to rock the city.

Why 21 gun Salute? The custom is from naval tradition, where a warship would fire its cannons harmlessly out to sea, until all ammunition was spent, to show that it was disarmed, signifying the lack of hostile intent.
If you going to watch the proceedings? Find a space on top of Signal Hill. Where you will be able to watch both events.