Month: Nov 2016

Transkei South Africa

The Transkei (the Wild Coast), 250 kilometres of rugged, unspoilt coastline North of East London all the way to the Kei River. Along this coastline are sweeping blue bays with no footprints, amazing lagoons with rocky headlands and inland is rural Transkei, a simple life with huts, cows and dirt roads through the Xhosa heartland. … Continue reading Transkei South Africa

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Cape Festivals and Events

If you are contemplating a visit to our fair city, Cape Town and the beauty that surrounds it from all sides, let us confound you with even more items to add to your calendar for 2017, making an annual visit a must. We are going to take you on a diarised whirlwind of events and … Continue reading Cape Festivals and Events

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